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Welding for625 Nickel Alloy


Welding for 625 Nickel Alloy

Nickel alloys have excellent corrosion resistance,Good ductility and high strength,It also has excellent comprehensive performance,It can be cold and hot deformation, smelting, casting and welding,It is widely used in aerospace, nuclear power station, offshore and platforms, oil and gas industry.


Welding on the water-wall

(using Gintune’s product GMN-CM3)

1、Characteristics of 625 alloy

Inconel 625 (UNS n06625) is a widely used nickel base alloy with Ni Cr Mo Nb as the main additive element. Its comprehensive properties are excellent,The characteristics are as follows:

2、Typical applications

Pressure equipment

Nuclear power equipment, nuclear reactor components, boiler piping system, heat exchanger, heat shield, valve, etc;

Gas desulfurization system

Desulfurization tower, absorption tower, reheater, flue gas inlet baffle, fan (wet) and flue gas, etc;

Chemical equipment

Manufacturing equipment and components for sour gas service, such as sulfuric acid condenser, acetic acid reactor, etc;

Aerospace Industry

Engine parts, aircraft engines, aerospace structural components, etc

Paper industry

Used to make pulping, digester and bleaching tank in paper industry

Marine engineering

It is used in the case of contacting with sea water and bearing high mechanical stress, structures in the sea, salt water environment, especially when acid chloride catalyst is used.


Flange welding

(using Gintune’s product GMN-CM3)

3、Welding materials and typical properties





⑴. The cleaning of weld bead is the key, because the nickel content in the weld bead is high, the Ni is easy to form low melting point eutectic with P, s, Si and Pb, under the welding stress, it is easy to cause hot cracks.Therefore, the cleaning of the dust on the surface of work-piece and welding wire should be thoroughly removed before welding, wipe with alcohol or acetone if necessary; the groove shall be planed mechanically and the root cleaning can be done by sand grinding.

⑵. Using small welding parameters, for avoiding the coarse grain should control the heat input under 1.5KJ/mm, the interpass temperature should be under 100℃recommended ≤80℃), try to use small diameter welding wire, small welding parameters and rapid welding,prevent grain growth in weld bead and HAZ, this could cause decreases of the toughness of welded joint.

⑶. Choosing steels with low content of C、P、S、Fe, to prevent hot cracks and degradation of corrosion resistance.

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