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Importance of welding shielding gas


The welding gas, it mainly refers to the protective gas used in gas shielded welding,Including carbon dioxide (CO2), argon (AR), helium (he), oxygen (O2), mixed gases, etc.Including carbon dioxide (CO2), argon (AR), helium (he), oxygen (O2), mixed gases, etc. During the welding, the shielding gas is the protective medium of welding area, it is also the gas medium that produces arc; therefore, the characteristics of gas(such as physical and chemical properties) not only affect the protection effect, but also affect the stability of arc and welding process.

Importance of welding shielding gas


The role of gas in different welding process is different, and the selection of gas is also related to the material to be welded, which requires the selection of gas with a specific physical or chemical properties or even the mixture of multiple gases in different occasions.

The main properties and uses of gases commonly used in welding, Table 2


The characteristics of different gases in the welding process are , Table 3


In particular: If CO2 gas is used for welding, the gas heating device must be used all the time, because the CO2 gas needs a lot of heat to convert the liquid into gas in the CO2 cylinder. The gas heaters must be used for heating, to maintain the smooth gas flow during the welding and to avoid freezing the gas meter when the temperature is too low. The CO2 gas contains a small amount of water, during welding, water is decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen, and hydrogen pores will be found in the weld bead, heating can significantly reduce the appearance of hydrogen pores.In the welding process, it's not just about choosing the right welding material, it’s also important to choose reliable welding gas to match it.

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