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Full Auto-welding with Metal-cored Wire on External Root Pass applied in the LNG Pipeline Project in Shenzhen


Importance of welding shielding gas

Pipeline Engineering of LNG Emergent Peak Shaving Stationin Shenzhen The start of engineering is the first LNG terminal in Shenzhen and the terminal is Qingxi section of Guangshen branch of 2nd West lane. Total is 64.3km; the designed pressure tolerance is 10MPa; designed volume is 4500*104m3/day,the diameter of pipe is 1016mm; the composition is X70; it goes through Shenzhen city, Huizhou City and Dongguan city. This is a coordinated engineering of LNG terminal in Shenzhen. This is not only the hub engineering between LNG terminal in Shenzhen and 2nd West lane,but connects the LNG terminal in Shenzhen, Dapeng and Shenzhen Diefu of CNOOC. The engineering is the key one to approach these three stations and the branches of 2nd West lane.

The goal of this pipe engineering is available to transport LNG from the terminal to other places.It confirms the LNG can be transported from the south to north in 2019 and the basic volume is 6000*104m3/day. Thus, this is the important part of supplying and storing LNG system around the country.

The main contractor is CNPC building company and adopts the metal-cored wire with “JINGLEI”: E70C-GM. Due to the experts and managers of CNPC, the auto-welding on external root pass of pipeline is successfully applied in this project. The features of technique is easily used by welders and high success rate of welding. It is a new milestone of auto-welding for long transportation of pipeline.

1、Welding Consumables


2、Actual Appearance

Full auto-welding on external pass(one-side welding backing)back formation (the video is taken on side and weld bead is chosen randomly)

3Photo on Side 

1.jpg          2.jpg

Root Welding                             Thermal Welding

3.jpg          4.jpg

Filler Welding                           Cosmetic Welding

4Video on Side

P5.jpg     P6.jpg

P7.jpg     P8.jpg

P9.jpg     P10.jpg


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